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The CHHMA is pleased to offer a stewardship consulting service to help our members with education and compliance in the growing number of product stewardship programs developing across the country. 


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Extended Producer Responsibility

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Extended producer responsibility (EPR) has been around in many parts of the world for some years. What it basically means is that anyone who has responsibility for a product should have that responsibility from cradle to grave.

The Waste Diversion Act (WDA) was passed in Ontario and a non crown corporation, Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO), was established to develop, implement and operate waste diversion programs for a wide range of materials. DMS have been involved in this process since the beginning with particular emphasis on the Blue Box Program Plan (BBPP), Municipal Hazardous & Special Waste (MHSW) Program and Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment (WEEE),  which are designated under the WDA by the Ontario Minister of the Environment.

The Industry Funding Organization (IFO) designated for the BBPP is Stewardship Ontario. DMS has extensive experience in dealing with this subject and have worked with over 100 companies to assist them in their stewardship efforts. These range from sole proprietorships to multi-national corporations.
WEEE has yet to have an IFO designated.


DMS have a waste audit process second to none. With our strong understanding of the legislation, we work with you in identifying affected packaging waste which is generated through your product set. Using our Stewardship Ontario approved software we are quickly able to determine how much is generated by type and accurately calculate the fee payable. Work that would take a team of people in a company weeks to do can be completed in a few days working with us. We also are able to complete a pre audit for you if you have been informed by Stewardship Ontario that you have been selected for audit.


A good audit process provides more than just an accurate result. We analyze the data gathered and provide you with a series of options in packaging which could potentially lower the fees payable on packaging waste.

If required, we can also research your overall packaging and complete a cost benefit analysis and a performance comparison analysis. This allows for intelligent decisions on packaging which consider both cost and environment.


DMS provide detailed reports on all of our activities as appropriate.

For the BBPP we create a final report that provides you all of the information necessary to complete your company’s input to Stewardship Ontario.

Our Analysis and Research reports are detailed, complete and cover all areas as agreed upon with the client.

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