Simply put, Donald works with business owners and managers who want to sell more, manage smarter, grow their bottom-line…and have a life!

Every industry is changing quickly. New technologies and disruptive business models are taking over. To succeed in this fast-changing and hyper-competitive world, we need clarity about the future of our business and our industry.

What businesses really need is an ‘Operational Vision’. A clear, specific and measurable statement of what we commit to become to be a more profitable and responsible market leader in 3 to 5 years. This ‘Operational Vision’ will be 6 points on one page that will be easily updated each year to keep us current, relevant and in the lead. From our 3 to 5-year Vision comes our annual ‘Mission’ and a detailed and specific ‘Commitment to Action’ that states what will be done, by whom, by when, measured how.

Our Vision will inform, focus, challenge and inspire us as leaders and everyone on our team, by creating clarity about 6 specific things:

  1. The compelling customer value and experience that we commit to deliver
  2. What we commit to become in 3 to 5 years
  3. Specifically how we’ll get to that extraordinary future
  4. The extraordinary bottom line that we commit to generate
  5. The ‘winning culture’ that we commit to create…and

How we commit to ‘behave’ along the way (our values, ethics & standards)


Donald Cooper works with businesses in over 40 industries around the world to create clarity of purpose, compelling customer value and experiences, management effectiveness and long-term profitability. He knows exactly what it is to be “in the trenches” and is respected by clients as a thought-leader and passionate visionary who clarifies complex challenges.

For his transforming business insights and compelling presentation style, Donald has been inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.

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