Delivering the Unexpected in the eLearning Industry

A unique style of microlearning videos and a modern, intuitive LMS that is everything but ordinary
CHHMA members can take advantage of eLearning through association partner – ej4.  Whether you have a Learning Management System (LMS), need theirs or want to go mobile, ej4 is the solution to your company needs!

ej4 videos integrate seamlessly with any system, across any platform, for any device. They offer a vast library of existing videos (1,500+) but can also accommodate custom content. ej4’s mobile instructional videos can reach your audience anywhere, anytime with learning that is engaging utilizing PCs, mobile phones, tablets, media players and handhelds.

Their lessons are short, to the point, and full of actionable information designed for today’s worker.    

The secret formula? The 4js:

  • Just as needed – Create programs with the specific topics your employees need.
  • Just enoughFind the most useful, actionable material in an easy-to-digest format.
  • Just in timeGet content right when you need it with on-demand learning tools. 
  • Just rightUse their extensive library or customize your own learning experience.

What We Do –

From off-the-shelf content, to custom content, to their versatile Thinkzoom LMS, learn more about ej4’s core eLearning and employee training services.

Off-the-Shelf Training Content

Digestible, meaningful content ready to deliver.

– In a rapidly changing world, fresh matters.

It doesn’t take long for training content to go stale. ej4 is your source for fresh, regularly updated content. We release new microlearning videos at an average rate of two a day. That includes adding new topics and updating existing ones. This keeps available content relevant, fresh, and appropriate for today’s work environments.

When eLearning content is kept up to date, you’ll find that:

  • You’re more likely to find what you need. With new content released regularly, you can be sure that their library covers topics that organizations across the board are asking for.
  • Employees take training more seriously. When you invest in quality materials with relevant content, it sends the message that training is important in your organization. Your employees and volunteers will see it as important, too.
  • The material is engaging. When employees hear content that is relevant to them, delivered by people who look and sound like they do, they will be engaged with the material. This helps retention and application of content.
  • Your people and your business will grow. As their library grows, so will your people.

Custom Content
Looking for something more specific with your training? ej4 are experts at building the right custom eLearning content for your learners.

Unique messages need custom eLearning content
Companies with unique messages need custom training content. That’s where ej4’s custom eLearning development process comes in. They’ve created hundreds of custom videos for clients over the years that help communicate everything from product knowledge, selling techniques, culture education, and much more.

  • Their expert team of learning consultants and production team will work with you to craft the right tone for your brand and specific needs.
  • Your custom video will include a script tailored to your desired messaging and brand.
  • Their graphic designers create compelling presentations that align with your brand to help better resonate and engage your learners.
  • Bring your voice to the content with a presenter from the company or use one of their professional talents.

At the end of the day, ej4’s custom eLearning development can elevate your specific training needs and deliver videos that help grow your employees.

Don’t just take their word for it. Watch the testimonial from Keurig Dr Pepper to learn how ej4’s custom content solutions work for their training needs.

Work with ej4 to make the content your own
There are times when an off-the-shelf course does not effectively teach an industry-specific skill or communicate your company message. But that shouldn’t stop you from delivering the training you need to grow your business. ej4 offers a number of tools for you to create and integrate your own custom content and distribute it like any other. For example, you can:

  • Create a branded, custom intro for your learning videos
  • Include industry-specific case studies along with off-the-shelf content
  • Incorporate messaging specific to your company
  • Add interviews with company executives and personnel
  • Script your own videos and use their tools to create new videos from scratch

With their program, you can pick and choose: use off-the-shelf content for some topics, customize others, and create new videos for still others. This gives you the flexibility to cover any areas in which you need training while creating a seamless, professional experience for users.

Thinkzoom LMS
Try ej4’s award-winning learning management system and see why Thinkzoom is the right platform for your training program.

Track and report
What does training matter without measurement and results? With ej4’s Thinkzoom LMS, not only can you see which videos your employees are watching, but you can observe how well they comprehend the material with the built-in interactive exams. You can set score requirements and even provide additional student materials so they can put their knowledge to practice.

Their learning management system also has a comprehensive reporting feature that allows you to create custom reports based on users, groups, courses and topics. Understanding which courses are popular and which are lacking participation can help you measure your training progress and communicate future training goals.

Award-winning eLearning authoring tool
ej4’s Thinkzoom LMS helps you create video content that’s specific to you and your business. Whether you’re recording an introduction or completing an entire video, Thinkzoom puts the control in your hands. The eLearning authoring tool is included at no extra charge. Record with or without the webcam, edit the audio, add in transitions, effects and much more!

Social learning technology
No longer will employees lean back in their chairs, yawn, or spend long hours alone during training because ej4’s learning management system is bringing learning back to life. Users can feel a part of an online training community thanks to The Quad, a social learning technology feature on the Thinkzoom LMS campus. Learners create their own informal network of peers to see what courses others are watching, what badges and achievements they’ve earned, and much more.

The Quad creates a fun, competitive learning environment that boosts engagement among learners and increases the value of your training program.

Make training stick
What’s the value of great training content if it doesn’t stick? 4tify your Learning™, available exclusively on the Thinkzoom LMS, provides learners with the tools they need to transfer knowledge from short-term memory to long-term memory.

With a series of prompted exam questions and a video recap, 4tify keeps training top-of-mind long after a training session is over. This way, when learners need the skills they’ve learned on the job, the information will be easy to recall and apply.

Tools to make it your own
Administrators have access to a number of tools for sharing company-specific content. You can seamlessly incorporate your own training data and internal training packages into ej4’s learning management system. They store your data in an industry-standard Learning Record Store (LRS).

Learners can personalize their learning experience by enrolling in one of ej4’s competency-based learning tracks. Employees can choose content of personal interest beyond their required courses to help them be more successful at work. They are based on 36 of the Lominger Competencies and are measurable via Thinkzoom.

Manage classroom training
ej4’s Thinkzoom LMS supports your blended-learning environment with their classroom management feature. Whether your training is instructor-led via a webinar or in a classroom, you can create courses and sessions and track attendance.

You can auto-enroll users or they can self-enroll. You can assign our off-the-shelf courses as pre-work and access ej4’s full library of student materials via the course builder.

ej4 is not like other companies. They customize pricing based on your needs.

Next steps
Most of ej4’s clients start with a quick demo so they we can walk you through the highlights of the LMS and their content. Then they set up a trial so you have some time to explore: add learners, create groups, assign courses, watch courses, etc.

Operating Hours
8am – 5pm CST, Monday – Friday.

Want to talk to ej4 about off-the-shelf or custom eLearning for your company?
Email their Sales Department at or call them at (800) 566-3159.