The CHHMA has partnered with e-SKY to offer our members the very latest in online training solutions. e-SKY can deliver productivity and creativity boosts for your employees from thousands of award-winning, professional development video courses that cover a wide-range of topics from compliance (such as sexual harassment in the workplace, using company equipment etc.), negotiation, to Microsoft courses or even the development of custom courses or promotional videos for trade shows, TV commercials, or your online advertising.

Benefits to CHHMA members:

• 1 FREE license for a yearly subscription*

• Software Skills (650 courses for Microsoft)

• Business Skills (640 courses)

• Wide-ranging topics: Social Media, Emotional Intelligence, Respect, Negotiating, and so much more!

• Cloud-based, full feature LMS (included for COPA members who wish to have one)

*Limited time offer

Getting started is easy:

• Easy to use, intuitive cloud-based solution

• Create your own course/test wizard – Very simple to use

• NO SETUP REQUIRED – the e-SKY team will take care of it for you

Why Choose e-SKY Online Training?
With a 60% decrease in instruction time – courses on average are 10 minutes or less – the benefits are enormous for e-SKY users:

  • 30% employee productivity increase
  • 50% boosts in employee creativity
  • 353% ROI for every $1 spent
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Easy tool to track retention
  • Customize for individual or corporate use

About e-SKY
e-SKY. ca is an eLearning service provider for individuals and corporations seeking professional education advancement.

e-SKY Solutions was founded by a group of senior professionals with nearly 50 years of industry, consulting and academic experience and an intimate understanding of the mobile professional’s training challenges. Their Integrated Multi-Channel Online Learning is an innovative teaching philosophy that mimics real-life learning routines. It not only offers access to instruction, support materials, and references, but also delivers an online learning community for students to share and internalize knowledge. Their goal is to be the one-stop shop for all your professional online training needs; they are adding courses daily to their repertoire.

e-SKY Solutions is a trade name, a strategic business unit, operating under SedraCorp Inc..

e-SKY helps companies convert their chalk – and – talk course material into advanced 2.0 – compatible e-Learning. This helps clients achieve the following efficiency improvements:

  • Cut the cost of travel and living associated with classroom courses
  • Increase course effectiveness
  • Increase course flexibility
  • Track employee participation and monitor end-of-course quizzes (if applicable)
  • Group specific drop box

                 – LMS in the cloud (SaaS)

                 – Can create company specific information for everyone to share

  • Capability to do surveys
  • Lessons learned data-bases linked to each training
  • Ability to generate compliance and training reports in seconds
  • Easily create your own courses, assessments and exams through their online course creation tool
  • Video Conferencing capability. Broadcast your company culture, have it saved for later viewing

e-SKY helps individuals who want to prepare for professional certification exams or advance their professional careers. e-SKY offers individuals:

  • Improved learning experience with Integrated Multi – Channel Online Learning
  • Competitive course prices (View course catalogue here)
  • Professional and e-SKY course certificates
  • Flexibility to order a la carte or purchase attractive bundles
  • Social Networking with other members
  • Ability to create profiles and user groups…to allow your users to network together
  • Chat
  • Forums

To find out more about e-SKY and their valuable courses, please contact them.


  • Handpicked courses from top providers
  • Courses that are proven to yield results
  • Courses used by some of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies

Click here to view sample courses

Custom Learning Management System (LMS)
Ability to customize a private LMS to meet the organizations specific need, which allows more control and access to employees progress, and training matrix at the click of a button . Could include functionality such as among specific departments skills matrices, video conferencing and much more

e-SKY Production
e-SKY Production is a trade name and strategic business unit, operating under SedraCorp Inc, which is solely focused on video production. e-SKY Production was created to focus on the instructional video side of the business. Having developed this expertise they have expanded their service offering in the last year to the following:

  • Custom Courses [Instructional Videos]
  • Promotional Videos [TV, Online Commercials]

CUSTOM COURSES [Instructional Videos]
Their professional video production crew will make it easy and fun to create your custom courses. The final product will always look professional and best in class. They leverage green-screen technology and high-end CGI computer Graphical Imagery, combined with 3D animation to create courses that are visually stunning and effective for learning.

PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS [TV, Online Commercials]
From the moment they sit with your team to capture your requirements, to the writing of the screenplay, screen shots and the shooting; you will clearly realize the e-sky difference. Whether it’s for a trade show, TV commercial, or for your online advertizing, their videos will leave a marking impression on your potential customers.

e-SKY Solutions
3551 St-Charles Blvd, Suite #369,
Kirkland QC, H9H 3C4
Phone: (514) 900-5805